Information for Public Agency Officials

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Public Agency Officials serve at various levels in local, state or federal transportation agencies. These positions may include but are not limited to engineering, work zone safety management, roadway design, bridge construction, traffic control device management, testing facilities, traffic operations, research professionals, or other transportation related career tracks along these lines.

As the nation’s leader in promoting roadway infrastructure safety, ATSSA recognizes the importance of inviting key transportation professionals to view the latest innovations the industry has to offer. ATSSA’s Annual Convention & Traffic Expo is an event that roadway safety industry professionals anticipate each year in order to connect with their peers and peruse the latest in roadway safety technology. The event provides an opportunity for roadway safety professionals to introduce their innovations, products and services to the market.

Opportunity to Host NWZAW 2020

National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is a national event held each spring to recognize and focus on roadway work zone safety. The kick-off event is hosted by the selected state's department of transportation (DOT) and focuses on the roadway workers and work zone safety.

All state DOTs are eligible to submit an application by October 30, 2018 (except states that have hosted a NWZAW within the last three years).
Download the 2020 NWZAW Host Application.

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