ATSSA's New Products Rollout

Deadline to apply has passed as of: December 15, 2017

Sunday, January 28, 2018
Time: 3 - 5 p.m.
Location: Room 214 in the Convention Center

About the Opportunity

Exhibitors who introduced new products after Feb. 1, 2017 are eligible to participate in the New Products Rollout, Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, 3-5 p.m. during ATSSA’s 2018 Annual Convention and Traffic Expo at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The first 15 applicants who meet the requirements will be entered into the event. All entries will be kept confidential until the event. View this year's participants.

New Products Rollout

During this event, participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their products’ capabilities and innovation during an on camera interview recorded at Traffic Expo. No previous media experience is required to participate. Interviews will be edited into one “New Products Rollout” video which will be broadcast on television monitors during the event to help promote your new product, company and booth to all convention attendees during the week. Following the event, interviewer videos will be posted on the website.

Entry fee: $500 members / $1,000 non-members.

New for 2018:
Exhibitors submitting an application to participate in ATSSA’s New Products Rollout, the ATSSA Innovation Awards, and/or the New Products Listing must certify that their new, innovative product is not simply a minor, modified version of a previously submitted product. If it is the same product with modifications, any or all significant enhancements, improvements, technology or innovation that has been added to the product since February 2017 shall be submitted on the application. Exhibitors will also include a description or statement of 25 words or less that describes what makes the new product truly unique, innovative, and/or new to the industry.

Additional Innovative Product Opportunities

Innovation Award

ATSSA Innovation Awards:

Exhibitors may apply to vie for the ATSSA Innovation Awards with new products introduced to the market after Feb. 1, 2017. The ATSSA Innovation Awards is a separate event from the New Products Rollout and New Products Listing. To learn more, click here


New Products Listing:
Exhibitors may choose to be included in the New Products Listing to showcase new products introduced to the market after Feb. 1, 2017. Inclusion in the New Products Listing is separate from the New Products Rollout and ATSSA Innovation Awards. To learn more, click here


For more information or questions regarding ATSSA's New Products Rollout, contact:

Mitzi Osterhout, CFO & COO
Office: 540-368-1701