ATSSA Innovation Awards

Recognizing Traffic Expo’s Most Innovative New Products and Technologies

ATSSA Innovation Awards recognize the top three products and companies at Traffic Expo selected by a group of public transportation officials. Criteria for selection includes lifesaving qualities, degree of need, innovation, design and eligibility under the Highway Safety Improvement Program. Bonus points can also be awarded by the judges in several different areas that are listed on the scoresheet. The scoresheet was developed by the Circle of Innovators Subcommittee of ATSSA’s Innovation Council. A copy of the actual scoresheet is available below. The judges will visit each of the exhibitors participating in this event during official exhibit hours to personally evaluate and examine the new product or service, introduced to the industry since the last Traffic Expo, approximately one year ago.

View and download the Product Judge Sheet

Winners will receive national attention following the release of a national news release. ATSSA will also release news of the award to the winner’s hometown media. In the past, winners of ATSSA’s Innovation Award have used the award in their own marketing and advertising materials throughout the year.

Judges for the ATSSA 2017 Innovation Awards

Neil Boudreau, Massachusetts DOT

Chuck Bergmann, Michigan DOT

Chris Brookes, Michigan DOT

Steve Kite, N.C.-DOT

2017 Innovation Award Competitors

The following 16 exhibitors are all competing for ATSSA’s Innovation Awards (first, second, third place) to be awarded during ATSSA’s 47th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo in Phoenix, Feb. 10-14, 2017. A panel of judges will visit each of the exhibitors during exhibit hours to examine, evaluate and discuss the new products introduced to the industry in 2016 (following last years’ Expo).

Media and guests of Traffic Expo may visit the following exhibitors in their booths during exhibit hours to learn more about their new products and services.

MDI Traffic Control Products – 819
Product: MDI Compact Privacy Screen
Contact: Eydie Case,
Description: The MDI Compact Privacy Screen protects the privacy of victims involved in vehicle crashes, fires and police incidents.

ADDCO – 237
Product: ADDCO PCMS 2017
Contact: Robby Nicholson,
Description: The ADDCO 2017 Model Year PCMS is the smartest sign in the industry. It creates safer roadways, increases traffic mobility and improves profitability.

Allied Tube and Conduit – 613
Product: MASSH-400 Sign Support Post
Contact: Whitney Bonds,
Description: MASSH-400 is designed to be impacted from any direction and field-fit ready with the ability to hold up to 72 feet of sign area per post in a 90-miles-per-hour zone.

Southwest Barricades – 1010
Product: ADA Trailer Ramp
Contact: William Montgomery and John Zyadet,
Description: The ADA Trailer Ramp is a Pedestrian Ramp that meets all the guidelines of the Americans with Disability Act. This ramp can be used in any situation where pedestrians will need to negotiate a step. This ramp is ideal for use in Temporary Traffic Control when pedestrians are detoured around a work zone.

Pexco/Davidson Traffic Control Products – 1101
Product: City Post Model GD
Contact: Peter Speer,
Description: The City Post Model GD is a glue-down, surface mounted channelizer post with proven high performance capable of withstanding well over one hundred impacts at speeds of 70 miles per hour without any damage.

Blasters, Inc – 150
Product: The Liquidator Water Blast System
Contact: Douglas Elliott,
Description: The Liquidator Water Blast System uses ultra high pressure water to remove road markings and runway rubber without using chemicals or damaging the asphalt or concrete surface.

Professional Pavement Products, Inc. – 1231
Product: LLG7 - Vision System
Contact: William Bunnage,
Description: Professional Pavement Products and RoadVista introduce the LLG7 – Vision System. This innovative technology enables the LLG7 to simultaneously measure the human and machine visibility of pavement markings, evaluating the roadway’s safety for both conventional and automated vehicles.

Verdegro Group (Netherlands) – 313
Product: BLADE TMA
Contact: Herman Harderwijk,
Description: BLADE-TMA: The No1 Truck Mounted Attenuator. Proudly tested in the U.S.A. acc. MASH and released at ATSSA Phoenix 2017.

Solar Technology, Inc. – 511
Product: Portable Changeable Arrow Boards with Built-In Remote Communications
Contact: John Hayes,
Description: Solar Tech’s ITS-ready Arrow Boards now include built-in modem, GPS and free lifetime cellular service. With remote access, you can view and change patterns, check battery status and retain an activity log.

Plastic Safety Systems (PSS) – 401
Product: Platform Plus
Contact: William “Bill” Jamieson,

Pi Variables, Inc. – 625
Product: pi-Lit Ice Cream Sandwich Rechargable LED Flare Set & pi-Lit Landing Zone Kit (LZ-Kit) (Two products total)
Contact: Daniel Selevan,
Description: The pi-Lit Ice Cream Sandwich Rechargeable LED Flare Set is a pi-Lit radio linked sequential road flares now available with lithium ion rechargeable battery. Set of 5 to 10 flares charged simultaneously with carrying case. Can be charged from wall or cigarette lighter.

Nite Beam Products – 331
Product: Hi Vision Rechargeable LED Hard Hat & Hi Vision LED Work Gloves (Two products total)
Contact: Michael “Tonto” Alexander,
Description 1: Nite Beam Hi Vision Rechargeable LED Hard Hat allows workers to be seen in darkness up to one-quarter mile in any direction. The front LEDs provide hands free lighting plus visibility. Rechargeable and includes USB cord.
Description 2: Nite Beam Hi Vision LED Work Gloves have six super bright LEDs on each glove illuminating work area and providing hands free lighting. The gloves are powered by a rechargeable battery pack. Comfortable and reinforced. Includes USB cord.

Royal Truck & Equipment, Inc. – 454
Product: Autonomous Truck Mounted Attenuator (ATMA)
Contact: Andrew Roberts,
Description: America’s work zone danger is forcing change, and the revolutionary “smart” TMA truck is the wave of the future. This Autonomous TMA truck is unmanned and equipped with a state-of-the-art camera technology system, advanced communication headsets, and groundbreaking safety features.

The Dow Chemical Company – 924
Product: FASTRACK 5408 all acrylic latex for waterborne pavement marking
Contact: Victoria Maseda,
Description: Dow Coating Materials’ FASTRACK™ 5408 polymer is the next generation all-acrylic resin for waterborne pavement markings, enabling quick-dry, extended seasonal application and improved durability over existing waterborne technologies.

Orafol Americas – 421
Product: ORALITE Optimum UV Digital Traffic Sign Printing System
Contact: Brook Jerzyk and Jeff Staniunas,,
Description: ORAFOL’s ORALITE UV Digital Printing System is a state of the art complimentary tool developed for the manufacture of MUTCD Compliant Traffic Signs. The ORALITE system provides greater throughput while maintaining specification compliance and warranty requirements with the latest ink jet technology.

Triple Domain Vision Company, Ltd. – 741
Product: iBox 10, iBox 20, iBox 40, iBox 800, iPark (Five products total)
Contact: Junie Tsai,
Description for iBox 10: 1 DSP running 1 VCA function for 1 channel at one time. Link 1 CCTV camera, cover 1 lane FOV (field of view).
Description for iBox 20: 1 DSP running 1 VCA function for 1 channel at one time. Link 1 AHD camera, cover 1 lane FOV (field of view).
Description for iBox 40: 2 DSPs for 2 lane LPR concurrently. Link 1 AHD camera, cover 2 coupled lanes FOV (field of view) or link 2 CCTV cameras. Cover 2 separated lanes FW.
Description for iBox 800: 4 DSPs for 4 lane LPR concurrently.
Description for iPark: Using Ethernet Daisy chain and with power over cable for supplying electricity. Each iPark has two-way camera and can detect 4 parking lots.


For more information or questions regarding the ATSSA Innovation Awards, contact:

James Baron, Director of Communications
Direct: 540-376-3876


2017 Winner
ATSSA 2017 First Place Innovation Award Winner
MDI Traffic Control Products,
MDI Compact Privacy Screen

MDI’s Director of Sales Eydie Case and Product Design Engineer Troy Tapley proudly hold the first place ATSSA Innovation Award, flanked by MDI staff (from left) Eric Larson, David Wilfong, Mark McMichael, Clay Smith, Lisa Sarkisian, Brooke Pignalosa and Chris Kluesner. The award was presented at ATSSA’s 47th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo in Phoenix, Ariz.

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