ATSSA's Circle of Innovation,
Solutions Edition

Sharing Solutions for Roadway Safety


ATSSA's Circle of Innovation event: Monday, February 11, 2019
Time: 7:30 - 9 a.m.
Location: Rooms 14-16 in the Convention Center

As part of ATSSA’s 49th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo, the premier event for roadway safety and transportation professionals, submissions are now being accepted for ATSSA’s Circle of Innovation, Solution Edition.

ATSSA's Circle of Innovation is a unique event for state departments of transportation (DOT) roadway and safety engineers to present their unmet needs, innovations and ideas to ATSSA's Traffic Expo exhibitors, manufacturers and suppliers in a vibrant, theater-style setting. Over 100 state departments of transportation (DOT) officials will be attending this event.

The ATSSA Circle of Innovation, Solutions Edition is new for 2019 and will focus on solutions DOTs have implemented to improve safety. See how innovation works – real life solutions to roadway safety problems.

We are asking for representatives from DOTs around the country to present a case study that shows effective solutions to safety issues highlighted in last year’s ATSSA Circle of Innovation event.

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Topics for consideration are:

  1. Pedestrian Fatalities and ADA compliance – Solutions geared toward traffic control devices improving safety at signalized intersections, mid-block crossings, or rural roads.
  2. Roadway Departure – Solutions that have proven to decrease the instances of roadway departure using traffic control devices.
  3. Motorcycle Safety – Solutions could include motorcycle specific guardrail, reflective apparel enhancements, pavement markings geared toward motorcyclists, or other innovative safety tools.
  4. Clear Delineation of Bike Lanes – Solutions include products that assist in improving bicycle safety using countermeasures in safe turning at intersections, clear delineations of bike lanes that prevent driver confusion, and new innovative technologies that may assist CAV’s in recognizing cyclists at intersections.
  5. Wrong Way Driving – Solutions focused on improving safety and mitigating instances of wrong way driving. These solutions should focus on cost effective solutions, improving consistency in wrong way signage, or other innovative technologies that improve safety in wrong way driving.
  6. ITS Work Zones – Updates and solutions on the effectiveness of back of queue warnings, new technologies that are being implemented to mitigate accidents, and successful temporary rumble strip deployment initiatives.
  7. CAV Work Zones – While CAV’s are not yet prevalent on our roadways, ATSSA is looking for possible solutions, or research findings that have the potential to improve safety in work zones when CAV’s are present, research updates on traffic control devices interactions with CAV’s, or updates regarding machine readable roadside infrastructure.


For more information or questions regarding ATSSA's Circle of Innovation, Solutions Edition event or the Call for Solutions, contact:

Brian Watson, Director of New Programs
Office: 540-368-1701

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